Getting our cut: an open letter to Sen. Jim Webb on Obamacare

Dear Mr. Webb,

I am disappointed in you. As a man of honor, you should have held out
for as much money as Nelson and Landrieu got. Nebraska gets its Medicaid
bills paid in full forever by our taxes. What about us? It is critical
that you throw your full political weight to make sure we get our fair
cut of the dole. Actually, I was hoping a guy like you would even get us
more than our cut!

That’s all the new America is about, the America you will bring about:
duking it out in DC between factions to see who gets the upper hand over
the pot and the breaks and all the regulations and the new taxes, now
that the federal government has taken over another 20%-25% of the
economy and our lives. We stop looking at our lives and all our hopes
and fears will center in the beltway, whining and begging and lobbying
the Pelosis and Reids and Liebermans, the AARPs and the labor unions and
the insurance executives and the pharmas, navigating whatever wins these
constant political battles, through centrally determined plans and
policies and centrally-decided rationing rules, and paying for and
submitting to their views about abortion or euthanasia or the proper
care of our parents or the tests we can get for cancer. Make no mistake:
this monstrosity will never get cut, it will grow and grow (I laugh at
the idea Medicare spending will get cut–these are not even honest
promises). It doesn’t make a difference who gets appointed as the new
HHS “czar”–it will attract and be run by certain kinds of ideologues,
and then, like the EPA, it will really be a joint project of judges and
the regulators, and then on top of that, it will have the strongest
lobby at their most shrill and most pitiable and persuasive, AARP, the
sick, the children, the weak and dying. The time has come at last for

Seriously, if you don’t stop this bill, if you don’t force a full debate
so that the public can see the bill and let its displeasure be known,
you’ve broken your promise to be independent and to put your country
ahead of your party interest. I am just one voter, but in all frankness
I will be ashamed to have ever supported you or praised you to my
friends and family. This bill is the foundation of our great shift to
the European model of government dependence. Please live up to your
youthful hopes for yourself. Be brave. Don’t fight your instincts, but
act with a deep love and understanding of what has made America a great
nation, and with a fear, a righteous fear, of throwing or squandering
the rare and precious gift we’ve received as Americans. If you cannot do
that yourself, don’t begrudge those who honored you with high office a
chance to do their duty for their country: vote against cloture even if
you vote for the bill, allow time for us to see and know what we will
all suffer, treat us as adults not children–and if in a month this bill
should have enough support, then at least we will have honestly deserved
our fate.

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